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Little Scholars Montessori Academy provides an authentic environment that nurtures each individual to fulfill her or his own potential. LSMA is a safe place that leads to -- and supports -- curiosity and competence and encourages each child to be contributing citizens of the world. Our School produces confident, curious and kind children who thrive in collaborative and challenging new environments and are actively engaged in the real world. This is not a cookie-cutter school -- it celebrates parents, families, and children for who they are and recognizes that not everyone has to be the same.



  • Active Parent Participation

  • Enrichment classes

  • Father’s Day, Dining with Dads

  • Field trips

  • Mother’s Day Tea

  • Parent Night Out


Enrollment is ongoing based on availability.


LSMA offers a Summer Camp that runs from the end of June to the end of August. It is available to currently and newly enrolled families based upon availability and for an additional charge. Brochures become available part way through the year.


Our caring teachers are highly experienced in the best methods to support your child with teachable moments of exploration, discovery, and learning each and every day.


Health and safety are LSMA top priorities. We are committed to ensuring that your child thrives in a warm, safe and secure environment.


To ensure your child is healthy and safe, our safety and security protocols are strictly enforced. These include thorough sanitation, safe sleep procedures, and secure check-in and check-out environment. Your child’s well-being is our top priority.


Your child’s social and emotional development will flourish in LSMA warm and nurturing environment. We promise that your child will learn in a fun, safe, and caring space where they have the freedom to discover their world as they build the foundation for the person they will become.


The love and commitment of our LSMA families inspire us every day. To help make each child’s learning experience the best it can be, we are always happy to listen when parents share their expectations. Here’s what our families have to say:

"LSMA is a great Montessori school. The staff there are phenomenal! My son is three years old and started his first year in September and has learned a lot within these past three months. He absolutely loves his new school, his teachers, and his fellow classmates. They have a great curriculum for all their students. Also, it’s a very nice clean environment. I would highly recommend any parents that have kids between the ages 2-6 years old that are looking for a Montessori school to look into this one."

- Pierre Borders Jr

"LSMA has been one of the greatest decisions I have made when it came time to put my girls in school. The teachers are so sweet and kind to my girls and all the children. My girls look forward to school every day even when there’s no school lol. They have learned so many things being there. I go to work comfortable and happy knowing my girls are in good hands."

- Rosina

"This is our first year at Little Scholars Montessori and we could not be happier. The teachers are great, they make each kid feel welcome and loved. The teachers do a great job keeping the parents informed about what's going on and how the parents can help support their child's learning. The school provides a rich environment for each child to learn while still being fun and challenging. Our daughter loves going to school each day and at 4yrs old has learned her letters, numbers and even starting to add."

- Kelly Sesay

"We as a family are blessed to have found Little Scholars Montessori Academy. Our son loves the idea of school just a month into the curriculum. He is always excited to go to school. The teachers are very kind and supportive to him. I love that we get an update on his work every time we pick him up. We love LSMA for providing an awesome environment for the kids to flourish. Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Alexander."

- Christine Kahehu

“LSMA, Mrs. Yolanda, and the other teachers have been such a blessing! Both of our daughters love / loved going every morning. We could not have asked for a better place for our kids to grow in kindness, confidence, and academics! ❤️“

- Lewam 


We share your concerns about COVID-19, which is why LSMA has instituted policies and procedures to help ensure the safety of everyone who enters a School. Some of the new policies include social distancing; cleaning and sanitizing the building; disinfecting food prep areas; limiting visitors to our Schools; and recommending that everyone entering our building wears facial coverings. Providing a safe, healthy environment for your child is our No. 1 priority.


LSMA goes above and beyond to ensure all health and safety protocols are strictly enforced. Some of our safety measures include sanitizing learning materials; deep-cleaning physical spaces; ensuring infant safety; practicing fire and emergency safety protocols; following medical protocols; training faculty and staff in CPR, first aid, and Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention; following Safe Sleep guidelines; inspecting playgrounds daily; and ensuring that children cannot access any hazardous items.


All LSMA go to great lengths to create a safe, secure environment for children, faculty, and staff. Some of the safety measures include a security system, video surveillance cameras in the foyer and building exterior, as well as stringent School arrival and departure procedures for parents and visitors.

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